Unit Standard 14348:
“Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls.”

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Telephone Excellence

Your voice can make a difference! Interacting with customers over the telephone is a crucial part of any business. Web queries, social media and email have their place, but the telephone still remains the primary point of contact for many customers.

Professional telephone etiquette creates a positive first impression which, more often than not, influences the caller’s behaviour and actions towards your business. There are many situations where you will be called to answer the phone. Knowing proper answering etiquette and developing strong communication habits are important skills to learn.

When you feel good you sound good too. The customer cannot see your smile on the other side of the telephone, but they can hear it . . . ensure that whoever you talk to on the phone can hear your smile down the telephone line.

Module One

Getting Started

Module Two


Module Three

Telephone Excellence

“The programme was very insightful, and it taught me how to be more understanding with customers. “