Unit Standard 10055:
“Present data to stakeholders.”

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Successful Selling for Business

A consistent daily work habit, planning and goal setting are the foundation for successful and superior performance. The sales environment is one of constant change, expansion of knowledge and expertise. It is essential for any sales person to continuously challenge their selling strategies to suit the current economic climate. Preparation, commitment to performance and motivation are key elements to enhancing sales.

Sales people who overcome any serious challenge are the ones that change the way they think about themselves. They convince themselves that they can change, and do change. Believing comes first, then change: not the other way around.

Module One

Planning a Successful Selling Strategy

Module Two

Initiate and Establish Business Relationships

Module Three

What Motivates People to Act?

Module Four

Establishing Position

Module Five

Overcoming Objections

Module Six

Presenting Solutions to Close the Sale

“An imperative for any sales team.”
Stuart Hughes, MD – Perspex South Africa