Unit Standard 10055:
“Present data to stakeholders.”

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Successful Presentations for Business

Nothing takes the place of a well-rehearsed presentation that expresses your ideas and concepts in a convincing and practical way. Good presenting is about entertaining and conveying information. The audience will retain more if they are enjoying themselves and feeling relaxed.

Most people battle to concentrate for lengthy periods of time. If a presentation doesn’t hold the audience’s attention, their minds will wander. It is vital to add spice, variety, media and movement to encourage maximum interest. A presentation is an opportunity to deliver facts and solutions; its success often depends on our ability to speak well. Some people have brilliant ideas, but their inability to convey the concept results in their ideas not getting noticed and recognised. Create, design and deliver presentations that engage and convince the audience.

Module One

Getting Started

Module Two

The Power of Preparation

Module Three

Structuring a Presentation

Module Four

Non-Verbal Communication

Module Five

Creating Visual Support

Module Six

Delivering a Presentation

“Successful Presentations for Business is a very valuable programme. The tools and techniques shared, and the presenter’s knowledge of the subject were most beneficial.” Elizabeth Matsemela – Dell Computers