Unit Standard 252031:
“Apply the principles and concepts of
emotional intelligence to manage self and others.”

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Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness

To be successful requires awareness, control and management of our emotions, and the emotions of other people. Developing emotional intelligence helps to reduce stress, handle conflict, improve relationships; increasing stability, continuity and harmony.

Employees want to be considered important and positively recognised by their companies. If we are committed to setting high standards, we have the right to be proud of our contribution. Consistent, professional behaviour earns the trust and respect of supervisors, clients and colleagues. The professionalism of your co-workers often promotes a positive working environment.

As colleagues we experience the highs and lows of personal and organisational successes and failures. We celebrate the good times and survive crises. All the emotions and frustrations of everyday life are part of the business day. However, the unprofessional conduct of one employee can affect the efficiency of many.

Module One

Getting Started

Module Two

Personality Profiling

Module Three

Emotional Intelligence

Module Four

Conflict Management

Module Five

Toxic Relationships

Module Six


“The Emotional Intelligence programme was beneficial, insightful, practical and real.
I enjoyed the stories, the practical application, self-assessments and
collaborative learning as well as the day-to-day examples.”
Lesley-Anne Muller – Dimension Data – Middle East and Africa