Unit Standard 15234:
“Apply efficient time management to the work
of a department / division / section.”

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Effective Time and Stress Management

Time is an asset given to paupers and princes alike. Every day has 24 hours and no matter how much we value it, we cannot store it, slow it down or put it into neutral while we prepare to use it. It continuously slips away and we have no power to replenish our supply.

In order to cope, we must be better organised to succeed. So much time is spent in meetings, handling interruptions and unplanned activities that when it comes to getting real work done there is no time.

Finding enough time in a day to get all our work done is one of the biggest challenges we face. Taking control of our time is easier if we understand how we are currently using it. If we get an accurate picture of how we are spending our time, we will know where we are wasting it and how to use it more effectively . . . focusing time on the most critical tasks while avoiding time wasters.

Module One

Getting Started

Module Two

Time Robbers

Module Three

Temperaments and Time Management

Module Four

Prioritising Practically

Module Five

Managing Stress

Module Six

Delegate to Save Time

Module Seven

The Personal Side of Time

Module Eight

Planning and Scheduling Time

“This programme is life-changing. An eye-opener. I don’t understand how we’ve been living in chaos for so long. It was absolutely amazing and more than I could have imagined.” Sithembile Mkhonza – TBWA Hunt Lascaris