Unit Standard 10054:
“Identify and manage areas
of customer service impact.”

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Customer Service

Does good customer service cost money? . . . Not as much as poor service. Good customer service may require a small investment, but the returns can be enormous. If organisations measure how many customers they lose, they would be able to calculate if it was worth making an investment in customer service. Research shows that poor customer service is the largest single reason for customers changing their supplier. When dealing with a problem think about the lifetime value of a customer before making a decision.

Module One

Managing Customer Service

Module Two

Effective Listening

Module Three

Developing Profitable Relationships

Module Four

Conflict Management

Module Five

The Internal Customer

Module Six

Electronic Language

Module Seven

Telephone Styles

Module Eight

Time Management

“I found the Customer Service programme excellent and motivating.
I now know how to interact with external and internal customers in a professional way.
The facilitator was clear and able to express herself. I could understand everything she taught.”
Teba Limited

“The Customer Service programme I recently attended was a wonderful experience.
It puts you into a completely new level, and helps you to become a more professional adult.”
Claymont Shiundlane – Zurich