Unit Standard 114226:
“Interpret and manage conflict in the workplace.”

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Conflict Resolution

The bad news about conflict is that we can’t escape it. Conflict is part of being human, yet few people learn how to deal with it. However, the good news about conflict is that no meaningful change takes place in the absence of conflict.

There will always be difficult people. Dealing with difficult people is one of the most challenging situations we face in the workplace. They have different agendas, rather than contributing to optimal work performance. They come in various packages and make their presence known through different working styles and approaches. Conflict resolution is a journey . . . it starts with getting to know yourself, understanding your conflict resolution style, understanding what conflict is and then applying practical tools to resolve it.

Module One

Getting Started

Module Two

Getting to Know Yourself

Module Three

Understanding Conflict

Module Four

Creating Visual Support

Module Five

The Conflict Toolbox

“Having completed the Conflict Management programme, I would describe it as educational and inspiring. Allowed us to question ourselves which enables growth. Learning the correct ways to handle situations of conflict was most beneficial.” Brett Atkinson – Dimension Data